LXI 6325

5.1 Hi-Fi Home Theater

Fulfill your home entertainment desires with home theater series. Designed especially to provide surrounding sound from movies, games and music. With a unique 2-way satellite design that separates the tweeter from the mid-range drivers, listen to exceptionally accurate audio fidelity. Add heart-stopping excitement to your 3D games and movie playbacks. With a subwoofer that delivers luxuriously deep basses and a powerful pounding sound, Microlab home theater series will surely bring the theatrical experience closer to you.

  •  WMA/MP3 USB interface direct access.
  •  Active Impedance Control reduces distortion for a clearer mid range.
  •  Integrated amplifier and power supply.
  •  Balanced drivers, ecnlosure & electronics for optimum sound.
  •  Standard 3.5mm stereo jack opens up your music possibilities to adjust with any portable music player or computer.
  • Clear Bluetooth access up to 15m (max).
  • 5.25” subwoofer adds a new level to music reproduction!
  • Crystal clear satellites for dynamic audio movements & X-bass for depth.
  • Equalizer function (EQ) for better enviroment matching performance.
  • Easily connects to your computer or MP3 player. You’re up and running in seconds.
  • Extra antenna for clarifying of FM radio.
  • LED display with light illumination control.
  • Multimedia subwoofer with finely-crafted wooden box.
  • Remote control which provides full control of the device.
  • Magnetically shielded for use near video monitors.



POWER [P.M.P.O] : 1900W

POWER [R.M.S] : 105W

DRIVER UNIT : 5.25 Subwoofer

SATELLITE : 3″x10, 2.5″x1