Hi-Fi 2x6.5 Systems


1. Your built-in speakers just can`t compete with the stereo sound from this size, 2.0 Hi-Fi speakers.
2. Active Impedance Control reduces distortion for a clearer midrange.
3. Amplifier and power supply integrated.
4. Drivers, enclosure & electronics are balanced for optimum sound.
5. AUX INPUT opens up your music possibilities to adjust with any portable music player or computer.
6. Elegant design looks great anywhere in your home.
7. The 10″ subwoofer adds a new level in gaming realism and music reproduction!
8. Crystal clear drivers for dynamic audio movements & X-bass for depth.
9. You’re in command – dial the bass up or down as much (or little) boom as you want.
10.Easily connects to your computer or MP3 player. You’re up and running i n seconds.
11.Extra antenna for clarifying of FM radio.
12.Separate drivers speakers improve perception of both gaming action and stereo recordings.
13.Subwoofer inside wooden case.
14.Multimedia subwoofer with finely-crafted wooden box.
15.Remote control which provides full control of the device.
16.Magnetically shielded for use near video monitors.
17.The media direct connection tucks neatly into the front of your speaker, giving you a look that’s sleek & clutter free.
18. Control everything via application.

Power:2X150 W(R.M.S)
Power Source:220V – 50Hz
Distortion:<0.25% (20Hz_16KHz)
Driver Unit:10″x6,5″x2, 2.5″x2
Dimensions:148x36x38 cm